Traffic Light

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Traffic light

Experiment component:

  • Red , Green , Yellow led lamp: 3
  • 220Ω resistor: 3
  • Breadboard & Jumper wires

Connect your circuit as the below diagram.


Example code:

Program code is in the traffic lights program folder. Double-click to open and you will find out a trafficLed.pde file. Double-click the icon to open it. Then you will see that it is the arduino programming software window with the experimental program code.

int ledred=10; //define digital pin10 red int ledyellow=7; //define digital pin7 yellow int ledgreen=4; //define digital pin4 green void setup() {

  pinMode(ledred,OUTPUT);//set red pin output
  pinMode(ledyellow,OUTPUT);// set yellow pin output
  pinMode(ledgreen,OUTPUT);// set green pin output

} void loop() {

  digitalWrite(ledred,HIGH);//light up red lamp
  delay(1000);//delay 1000 ms = 1 s
  digitalWrite(ledred,LOW);//go out red lamp
  digitalWrite(ledyellow,HIGH);//light up yellow lamp
  delay(200);//delay 200 ms//
  digitalWrite(ledyellow,LOW);//go out
  digitalWrite(ledgreen,HIGH);//light up green lamp
  delay(1000);//delay 1000 ms
  digitalWrite(ledgreen,LOW);//go out