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Wiki is an open information collection platform. Information of SainSmart products and customer works will be hosted here, alive and ready for modification. Users can improve the contents, contributions from registered account would receive our appreciations.

Here is the help contents for new freelancers:

Before you start

Wiki now is opened for everyone, it can not be so standardized, but we are still try to make it neat and tidy, so here is the rules we want you to abide:

  • Name - Please name your page in product name only, WITHOUT version number, url, or other informations.
  • Document Template - There is a document Template in Wiki, it is not the only rule, but a reference guide for you to describe the product on all sides. please feel free to modify and complete.

How to Start

If you want to create your page in Wiki, Start here!

First of all, pleasecreate a account and login, It is not prerequisite, but necessary for you to become a freelancer and for Wiki to record your contributions. Wiki is allowed everyone to join us!

wiki sytax

Then you can start create your wiki page. Wiki has already integrate the WYSIWYG Editor to help you to write your wiki conveniently. If you want to begin with wiki sytax toolbar, here is the knowledge you may need to know:

  • Consult the User's Guide, for information on using the wiki software.

If there still somewhere you do NOT understand, see Wiki FAQ to find the answer.