3D LightSquared DIY Kit 8x8x8 5mm White LED Cube Red Green Blue Squared Music MP3 Lamp (101-20-155)

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Tutorial on testing and assembling 8x8x8 light cube

3D cube 1.jpg 3D cube 2.jpg 3D cube 3.jpg 3D cube 4.jpg 3D cube 5.jpg 3D cube 6.jpg 3D cube 7.jpg 3D cube 8.jpg 3D cube 9.jpg


3D cube 10.jpg 3D cube 11.jpg 3D cube 12.jpg

Introduction to key functions:

  • K1 key: enter the mode selection, day and night mode control
  • K2 key: enter the 3D8 PC mode (after the boot to press the K1 key is valid)
  • K3 key: to enter the 42 kinds of offline animation mode (after the boot to press the K1 key is valid)
  • K4 key: enter 14 kinds of offline audio mode (after the boot to press the K1 key is valid)

3D-key.png 3D-key2.png

Acrylic shell assembly:

第四步-外壳组装1.jpg 第四步-外壳组装2.jpg 第四步-外壳组装3.jpg 第四步-外壳组装4.jpg

Upper computer function & Burn the program introduction:

Upper1.png Upper2.png Upper3.png Upper4.png Upper5.png

8.You can download the code here,modify and compile programs by keil ,then burn the program by STC-ISP-V4.86.

First,choose the right MCU (STC12C5A60S2).

Second,open the file of .HEX .

Third,choose the right COM (Automatic Identification) .

Fourth,Start burning,when click 'ISP programming',at the same time press the power button twice, power off and then power on .

Note : Download the microcontroller when the need for cold start (meaning that the microcontroller needs to power off and then re-power to download), the power switch as a cold start on the line, download the device is connected to the need to disconnect the switch and then re-power can be downloaded, Host computer connection method (no cold start, do not dial the power cord and then plug), with the power cord directly on the line.



Demo: https://youtu.be/rTE7zaZ17E8

Installation: https://youtu.be/m2bLBQPEYic


CH340G driver

Upper computer-3D8S_Alpha

Light cube schematic diagram


Code burning software