SainSmart Pro32 Soldering Iron Kit

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SainSmart Pro32 Soldering Iron Kit


  • SainSmart Pro32 iron station is an intelligent, and quick heating soldering tool in lightweight design for soldering application. With OLED screen, temperature can be accurately and easily adjusted from 100 to 400 Celsius (212-752 Fahrenheit). Soldering iron tips are easy to assemble or disassemble, and replaceable for 2 types: PR-B2, PR-BC2. Small and portable power supply provides convenience to users anytime and anywhere. Programming software is provided for specific soldering projects.
  • With 19V 2A power supply, SainSmart Pro32 takes only about 11 seconds to heat up to 300 degrees. Benefit from dual temperature and accelerated sensors, the solder has auto sleep mode and over-heating warning.
  • SainSmart Pro32 can handle both small and large components. It is a perfect tool for lab, engineering and DIY.

Package list

  • 1 x Pro 32 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
  • 1 x PR-B2/ PR-BC2 Solder Tip
  • 1 x Allen Key (For replace the tips and heating element)
  • 1 X DC5525 power adaptor

Use Manual

When plugging into DC 12-24V power adaport, pressing Button A at the sametime will enter DFU mode,"DFU1.0" will appear on OLED screen . To exit DFU mode: unplug and plug in the device again without pressing any button ,then it will enter standby mode.

SainSmart Pro32 Soldering Iron Kit
"Automatic Calibration"

SainSmart Pro32 Soldering Iron Kit
"Heating Up"

Soldering Iron Tip Maintenance

  • Before switching off, wipe the tip’s soldering side with some solder.
  • Do not leave the tip in high temperature for long time, which may causeit burn out.
  • Do not push too hard while soldering, which will damage the tip.
  • Do not use rough material or files to clean the tip.
  • If the tip surface is oxidized and makes it hard to apply solder on it, you may use 600~800 grit

sandpaper to wipe the tip with Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol, heat up to 200°C and apply solder immdeiately to avoid it oxidize again.

  • Do not use Flux that contains high chlorine or acid, use only resin based flux