SainSmart DDS140 PC-Based Oscilloscope

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SainSmart DDS140 PC-Based Oscilloscope


  • About SainSmart DDS140:

SainSmart DDS140 Pro is a medium-performance oscilloscope. It can be extended to achieve oscilloscope, signal generator and logic analyzer triple main functions by inserting different sub-modules. The highlighting advantages are the optional modular structure and high performance price ratio. When you do not want to spend a high price to buy a traditional oscilloscope, a signal generator and a logic analyzer .This product will be a good choice. SainSmart DDS140 Pro body take operation of traditional oscilloscope operation and part function of display transfer drawing into the computer by the software to achieve. As long as the SainSmart DDS140 Pro device via USB cable into your compute, it will form a complete oscilloscope test system after running the software.

  • Material:

Sheet metal is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces. It is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes. Countless everyday objects are constructed with sheet metal. Thicknesses can vary significantly; extremely thin thicknesses are considered foil or leaf. Within 1mm thickness sheet metal outer skin, the DDS oscilloscopes are effective in electromagnetic noise suppression and shielding.

  • Interface:

A binding post is a connector commonly used on electronic test equipment to terminate (attach) a single wire or test lead. They are also found on loudspeakers and audio amplifiers as well as other electrical equipment. A binding post contains a central threaded metal rod and a cap that screws down on that rod. The cap is commonly insulated with plastic and color-coded: red commonly means an active or positive terminal; black indicates an inactive (reference or return) or negative terminal; and green indicates an earth (ground) terminal.

Package List

  • 1X SainSmart DDS140 Pro PC-Based USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • 1X SainSmart Logic Analyzer Modul
  • 1X Data Cable
  • 1X Signal Generator Module
  • 1X Probe for Signal Generator


  • 1X user's Guide
  • 2X oscilloscope probe(X1,X10)
  • 1X USB Cable
  • 1X CD (manual Software etc.)

Use Manual

  • Getting started

1. Plug in your device. Windows will recognize it and have your computer to work with it. Please unplug other USB devices in case of interference from its high current.

2. Install the driver. You will find the driver under the folder “driver” in the software package. Detailed instructions on how to install driver on different OS are described in Chapter 4.1 and 4.2.

3. Run the software application. Click the Start button on the lower right corner, and it shows the zero voltage waveform of Channel 1. Turn on CH2, the waveform of Channel 2 will display.

4. The small metal tip between the two BNC ports will output a square wave signal of 1KHz with an maximum of about 3.3V. You can use it to test, calibrate and set up the device:

Switch the probe to x1;

Connect one end of the probe to CH1 of the device, and the other end to the small metal tip;

Turn the Time/DIV to 1ms, and the measured waveform will be displayed.

  • Driver Install

1. Right-click My Computer to run the Device Manager, click Other Devices, and right-click USBxxx to select Update the Driver.

2. Choose Install from a list or specific location, andNext.

SainSmart DDS140 PC-Based Oscilloscope
"driver install"

3. Click Browse, setup the location path, such as E:\ Driver_XP_Win7\driver, and then Next

SainSmart DDS140 PC-Based Oscilloscope
"driver install"

4. After the installation, you will find our device in the device manager.

  • Driver Installation on Windows 7 Click [here]
  • Driver Installation on Windows 8 Click [here]

5.Software introduction


SainSmart DDS140 PC-Based Oscilloscope