ES120 Motion Sensing Smart Screwdriver (101-92-379)

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Product Introduction:

ES120 is a STM32 processor-based mini smart electric screwdriver. It is featured with OLED display, Micro USB interface which serves as PC connecting and charging .

Compact size , simple operation and easy to use . It can meet the essential requirements of school experiment , home appliance repair and electronic engineering .

Performance Parameters:

  • Voltage : 3-5V
  • Operate time : 60 min
  • Charging time : 40 min
  • Unload speed : 170 RPM
  • Torque range : 2.5/
  • Bit specification: 4 mm hex socket
  • Charging mode : Micro USB 5V input

Surface and Sockets

ES120 Surface and Sockets.png

Use Steps

1.When the screwdriver is power off, short press the key to enter stand-by interface.

2.Way of use : In Standby mode, hold ES120's button, and :

  • 1) When your wrist turns left (see Pic.1 and Pic.3), the bit of ES120 will turn clockwise;
  • 2) On the contrary, when your wrist turns right (see Pic.2 and Pic.4 ), the bit of ES120 will turn anti-clockwise.

ES120 operation.png

3.Keep the screwdriver still on stand-by interface and hold the key for 0.5 second, the screwdriver will rotate in the same direction as that of previous use.

Stand-by interface: Turn.png

4.ES120 will automatically turn off if kept still for 15 seconds.

Parameter Setting

1. Manual setting

Press the key continuously thrice on stand-by interface to enter setting mode, and long press the button or wait for 1.5 seconds to quit the setting mode.

There are five torque shifts in setting mode: Transfer.png

  • Shift A adopts an automatic mode,in which the rotation speed ofscrewdriver increases with the increase of rotation angle.
  • Shift 1 to 4 correspond four torques, which decrease gradually.

2.Configuration file setting

When the screwdriver is power off, connect it to PC with USB data cable, short press the key to activate the flash disk; open config.txt file in the disk, and the contents are:

StartAngle=2 #(2~10)
Gear=4 #(0~4)
MotoTimeCont=0 #ReadOnly
Ver=1.1 #ReadOnly


Firmware Upgrade

1.When the screwdriver is power off , connect it to PC with USB data cable,

and hold the key until “ DFU3. 44” displays on screen toenter DFU mode, and a virtual disk will appear on PC.

2.Copy the hex firmware to root directory of the disk, and when the suffix of firmware changes to .rdy,

disconnect USB data cable or press the key continuously thrice to quit DFU mode and thus complete the firmware upgrade.

2018.1.9 Updata:

ES120 APP V1.7a.rar (25.04 KB)

ES120 Source Code V1.7a.rar(323.53 KB)

ES120 V1.7a update notes: 1. As an upgraded version of 1.7, the compatibility of the firmware on ES120 and ES121 was improved based on the original function; 2. Torque display during optimization rotation is more stable and accurate; 3. The torque difference of each digital gear (1-4) is improved, and there are more distinct barriers between the gears.

2017.9.5 Updata:

ES120 APP V1.8.rar

ES120 Source Code V1.8

ES120 V1.8 update notes:

1. Cancel the memory model that is pressed for the last rotation, speed, and direction;

2. In the control mode, the new base status bar shows the current torque size, the maximum torque in the gear, the progress bar will be blocked;

3. when charging, the current capacity can be displayed, and the battery is completely filled, that is, the battery is full;

4.P the maximum gear speed, torque increases with angle.


1.Torque shift: when the torque reaches the highest torque shift, the screwdriver will stop for 3 seconds before working again, as to protect the screw and motor.

2.DFU & flash disk mode: it may enter the mode only if you start the machine when the screwdriver is power off and connected with USB data cable.

3. Charging icon: Charging.png

Fully charged icon: Fully.png

When in low battery, a warning will appear on screen and the screwdriver will be automatically powered off: Off.png

4. It is a normal phenomenon if a little oil stain exists on surface of hexagon wrench socket.