5" TFT Touch LCD

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5 inch TFT LCD


  • 5.0" TFT LCD Module, Resolution 800x400, SSD1963 Controller
  • Resist film to protect the LCD screen
  • On board 64Mbit SPI Flash for storing fonts of 10 sizes and 236 icons for custom application development
  • Write images/icons to flash memory via SD card with zero programming
  • 64Mbit can store 1800 42x42 pixel icons/images
  • LCD Type: TFT Transmissive Normal White super wide viewing angle
  • LCD Panel: HannStar HSD050IDW1
  • Interface: 8/16bit parallel bus interface
  • 100% compatible with raspberry pi(You should program the code by yourself)
  • PCB Color: Black
  • On board DC-DC Boost regulator TPS61040 to provide power supply to LCD back-light
  • With SD Cage and Flash IC footprint reserved
  • LCD-specified initialization code is provided, so that you can save time to optimize power control register and gamma curves for best display performance. We have test the provided code, it gives the best display performanace
  • Module dimension: 133mmx85mmx23mm(including pin header extrusion)
  • Active Area: 108mmx65mm
  • Pixel pitch: 0.135mmx0.135mm
  • Standard 2x20 2.54mm pin header for connection to MCU/development board

For Mega2560

1.This is SainSmart TFT LCD shield for Arduino MEGA2560,the sale page please click here.

2.You can download this shield schematic here.

Mega2560 shield.jpg 7 install.png

Download Code and Upload

1.You can download Arduino Software (IDE) here

2.Download libraries here.Then put the UTFT and UTouch folder from Mega folder into the IDE libraries folder. Then run IDE.

For display

1.Open the File /Examples/UTFT/Arduino(AVR)/UTFT_Demo_800x480.ino .

7 display1.png

2.Choose the right board and Port, upload the ino file into the MEGA ,then reset the board .The graphics could be seen then.

5 display1.png

For touch

1.Open the File/Examples/UTouch/Arduino/UTouch_Calibration.ino .

4.3 calibration1.png

2.Choose the right board and Port, upload the ino file into the MEGA ,then reset the board .The graphics could be seen then.

5 display2.png

3.Click on the screen,then the following screen will appear:

5 display3.png

4.Follow the screen instructions to calibrate operation

5 display5.png

5.Open the file Arduino/libraries/UTouch/UTouchCD.h,and change the follow:

5 change3.png

6.After calibration,you can try to use the other ino.


First,connect the line according to the following diagram.At the same time, insert the shield and screen


Second,open the File/Examples/UTouch/Arduino/UTouch_Tutotial:


Third,upload the ino file into the MEGA ,Then reset the board . The graphics could be seen then.


Fourth,you can test the following three options.