4-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm with NEMA-17 Stepper Motors

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SainSmart 4-Axis Control Arm


SainSmart Cv4 4-Axis Control Palletizing DIY Robot Arm Model with Nema 17 stepper motors 1.8°

  • 4 stepper motors
  • More precise control!
  • More wide range !

Detail Step

  • 1. Hardware connection
  • 2. Software Operation
  • Manipulator control: Using RAMP1.4 + A4988 + MEGA2560 + 3D print control software --PrintRun

SainSmart 4-Axis Control Palletizing Robot Arm

SainSmart Mega2560+A4988+RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer Kit

  • Step1:

Download the marlin firmware to Mega2560 Marlin Upload Address: [MEGA2560.ino ] Open the archive, search Marlin for MEGA2560.ino

Then open Marlin for MEGA2560.ino via Arduino IDE, after claiming your development board model and serial connection is correct, you can compile the program.



  • Connecting Arduino MEGA2560 and uploading the code


  • Step2:
  • 1.

How to connect RAMP1.4+A4988 with MEGA2560


Each A4988 module are connected with 3 blue jumpers To avoid board burning, please pay attention to the direction of A4988 Module 100k resistance is the Substitutes of thermistor.

  • 2. Connecting of Manipulator and RAMPS kit


There are four lines with the Stepper motors: Red line, blue line, black line and green line . Corresponding to the wiring board RAMPS is 1B (red) 1A (blue) 2A (Black) 2B (green).

  • How to connect the lines:


  • Step3:Using PrintRun software as PC to operating the arm
  • Software interface is as follows:



Plug the USB cable to MEGA2560anf confirm the baud rate is 250,000. Serial number can be found in Computer Properties, and Connect

If you get the following prompt, then means the connection is successful!


After confirming all the wiring, limit switches were connected correctly, you can operate the manipulator. Here is a simple G-code for manipulator operations.